Computer Memory Upgrade
An install guide on how to add or upgrade computer memory

DDR, DDR2 Computer Memory Upgrade

Finding The Memory Slots In The Computer (continued)

Still, with a bit of study, it shouldn't take too long to conclude they are here.

Computer Memory Upgrade - Motherboard Memory Slots

It's easier to tell in this shot taken from the "West" and showing just the motherboard. I've moved a power card and ribbon cable out of the way to unclutter the view.

Computer Memory Upgrade - Closer View Of Motherboard Memory Slots

Here's a closer look from the "West". We're actually seeing the backside of the memory slot from this angle. One memory slot is populated. There are two more memory slots that are not populated. Having the first one already populated makes it easy to know where to put the second memory module. They must be populated in order beginning with the first slot. But not all the slots need to be populated. Notice the white locking clips on the middle memory slot (the first unfilled slot) are in the open - unlocked position. The locking clips on the third and final memory slot (the one closest in the picture) are in the locked position, but of course they can be moved either way since there is no actual memory module in the slot.

Computer Memory Upgrade - Memory Slots

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