Hard Drive Upgrade
An Install Guide On How To Upgrade Your Own PC Hard Drive

Hard Drive Upgrade Install Guide

Copy Old Hard Drive To New Hard Drive With Norton Ghost Boot Disk

I'm ready to copy (clone) the old hard drive to the new hard drive with the Norton Ghost Boot Disk. I'll detail the steps I took using the Norton Ghost Boot Disk to clone the hard drive, but the Symantec Knowledge Database entry How to perform a disk to disk clone is very good so you may want to get a paper copy of it as well, especially if your own hard drive upgrade procedure varies from the strategy I used.

Insert the Norton Ghost Boot Disk into the floppy drive and re-boot the computer. It's safe to reset the computer and cause a re-boot if it is currently waiting idle at a DOS prompt or if no changes have been made to the BIOS and the computer is waiting idle in the BIOS menu system.

After the Norton Ghost Boot Disk boots up, the Norton Ghost splash screen will be presented. The license number as shown in the red circle is needed later so I wrote it down (it's not needed later with Norton Ghost 2003). I've purposefully blurred my own license number in the picture, as if the picture is crisp enough that you could have read it anyway. It's not that I don't trust you, you understand. Clicking "OK" causes the Norton Ghost Boot Disk to bring up the next screen. Norton Ghost 2003 begins by prompting for whether or not the drives should be marked as usable by Norton Ghost, to which I selected that they should be.

Norton Ghost Boot Disk splash screen showing license number.

The following three overlaying menus are presented, one at a time, beginning with the leftmost menu. Clicking "Local" on the leftmost menu brings up the middle menu. Clicking "Disk" on the middle menu brings up the rightmost menu. Click "To Disk" on the rightmost menu.
Norton Ghost menus to select a local disk-to-disk copy.

The prompt for the license number appears. The license number as shown on the earlier page must be entered. Seems a bit silly that it works like this, but whatever. In fact, this prompt was removed in Norton Ghost 2003. Clicking "OK" brings up the next screen.
Norton Ghost license prompt.

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