Hard Drive Upgrade
An Install Guide On How To Upgrade Your Own PC Hard Drive

Hard Drive Upgrade Install Guide

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What You Need For A Hard Drive Upgrade

List of parts to upgrade the hard drive in My Super PC. The parts list includes the hard drive to be used in the upgrade, an antistatic wrist strap, mounting screws, and a disk copying (cloning) utility to make an exact image (clone) of the old hard drive on the new hard drive.

General Considerations For Upgrading the Hard Drive

General points for the hard drive upgrade, such as how to power down the computer and disconnect the cables and how to power up the computer and reconnect the cables during the hard drive upgrade procedure.

BIOS Changes For The Hard Drive Upgrade

How the BIOS looks in My Super PC prior to the hard drive upgrade and what BIOS changes should be made prior to installing the hard drive.

Add The New Hard Drive

Installation steps used for adding the new hard drive as the second hard drive in My Super PC. Discusses the mounting holes in the hard drive, inserting the screws, using the drive cage, connecting the IDE ribbon cable, connecting the hard drive power connector, and verifying the hard drive is recognized in the BIOS.

IBM Drive Fitness Test

Suggestions for tests from the IBM Drive Fitness Test that should be run prior to using the hard drive.

Copy Old Hard Drive To New Hard Drive

Step-by-step procedure to use Norton Ghost to copy the old hard drive to the new hard drive, making a clone image.

Final Steps

Summary of final steps needed to complete the hard drive upgrade and how to view the results.

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  What You Need For A Hard Drive Upgrade - Home
  Screws, Antistatic Wrist Strap, Hard Drive Fitness Test
  Norton Ghost
  Norton Ghost Boot Disk Select Type
  Norton Ghost Boot Disk Create
  Norton Ghost Finish
  Old Hard Drive Partitions
  General Considerations About Upgrading The Hard Drive
  BIOS Changes
  Add The New Hard Drive - Jumper Pins
  Mounting Holes, Drive Cage
  Hard Drive Connectors
  Mounted In Drive Cage
  Installed Inside Computer
  Recognized In BIOS
  Hard Drive Fitness Test
  Copy Old Hard Drive To New Hard Drive
  Norton Ghost Source And Destination
  Norton Ghost Destination Drive Details
  Norton Ghost Progress And Finish
  Final Steps
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