How to build a computer
How To Build A PC - A Computer Building Guide
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Last Updated: 1/3/2016
How to build a computer
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Build A Computer Like My Super PC

Troubleshooting - What Problems Were There?

Believe it or not, it went very smoothly this time. That's partly due to experience since this edition of My Super PC is not the first one. But mostly it has to do with using quality components for everything and I mean everything - the drive cables, the power supply, the RAM, the motherboard, the video card, the sound card - everything. But I haven't always had such good fortune. And when anything goes wrong it can be intimidating. After all, you're staring at $1000 worth of sensitive equipment that's acting like a pile of junk, and you're wondering if it was such a good idea to give up the Customer Service that comes with a store-bought PC.

If you run into any trouble when you build your own computer, you might find the information on my Build A Computer Like My Super PC - Help And Support page useful.

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