How to build a computer
How To Build A PC - A Computer Building Guide
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Last Updated: 1/3/2016
How to build a computer
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Computer Building Price Considerations

Naturally you want to get quality components for the best price when computer building, but is the place from which you're purchasing trustworthy? I haven't had any trouble at all with the purchases I've made to build My Super PC. It's always a good idea to use a credit card for every purchase and check carefully to ensure that what you received was what was ordered.

I tend to purchase retail packages of components. In general, this is because a retail package often comes with extras, the warranty is better, and it's a shrink-wrapped commodity, meaning it's highly unlikely it's been tampered with, substituted, used, or found to be marginal or defective through prior use. Although there are exceptions to the general rule that says to buy computer components in retail package form, they must bear these factors in mind. The alternative to buying the retail package is to buy the OEM version (or "white box" version as an OEM component like a hard drive is called).

Let's look at the core components of a computer in more detail. It's very important to build your computer with components of very high quality. Many lock-ups and blue-screens-of-death can be traced to insufficient power supplies, low quality RAM, and the like. In the pages that follow I describe each major component in detail.

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  Introduction/Cost To Build A Computer
  Computer Building Price Considerations
  faq: OEM Definition
  Case And Power Supply
  BIOS Settings
  Video Card
  Sound Card
  SSD - Solid State Drive
  Hard Drive
  faq: Can I Use My Old Hard Drive With A New Computer?
  Change The Front Panel On The DVD RW
  Flat Panel LCD Monitor
  Other Computer Hardware
  Windows Operating System
  Sharing Cable Modem or DSL
  CPU Cooler And Case Fans
  How Fast Is It?
  What Problems Were There?
  More About How To Get A Cheap Computer With Top Quality And High Performance
  Changes For A Game Computer And Enjoying Computer Games
  Changes For A Computer With MP3 Music As A Priority
  Media Center PC
  Help And Support
  faq: How Can I Tell What I Already Have In My Computer?

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