Video Card Upgrade
An Install Guide On How To Upgrade Your Own Video Card

Video Card Upgrade Install Guide

Video Card Tests - Boot Problems

If all the tests done to this point with DXDIAG and the Futuremark benchmarks complete successfully then it's reasonable to conclude that the video card "works". However there are two boot tests you should do.

By this time, the computer should be physically warm. Shut down the computer. Wait for the fans to stop. Turn the computer back on again. The computer should boot normally. This test fails if the computer's internal speaker emits a "one long beep two short beeps" BIOS error code and the computer does not boot. This error code means the computer does not "see" the video card. See my Troubleshooting Video Card Problems for more information. If this occurs, the computer should boot after pressing the reset button.

The second boot test must be done when the computer is physically cold, say, after it's been sitting turned off for an hour or so. The test is the same. Turn the computer on and it should boot normally, or you may get the "video card not found" error. If the computer encounters the error then wait a few minutes for it to physically warm up and push the reset button. It should boot normally.

You may want to run your own favorite applications through their paces as a final verification that all is well.

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