Video Card Upgrade
An Install Guide On How To Upgrade Your Own Video Card

Video Card Upgrade Install Guide

Hard Drive Restore Utility

A hard drive restore utility. I use GoBack. It's critical to have a hard drive restore utility so that you can completely restore your hard drive to the time prior to beginning the video card install should something go wrong. In a perfect world, you won't need it. But video card drivers are unpredictable. What works on one computer may not work at all on another computer. Even if you do everything exactly right, it might not work. One reason is because more than one driver package is always involved, so incompatibilities just between the video driver packages occurs. Throw in different motherboard chipsets, different video card vendors, different motherboard BIOS levels and settings, different video card BIOS levels and settings, and you can begin to see how hopeless it can be to try to fix it when it doesn't work. In most cases, you should be starting with a perfectly good computer. I have GoBack which is available from, installed on for my video card upgrade. GoBack can be left enabled throughout the video card upgrade procedure. If something goes wrong and you wish you could just get back to where you were - then you can with GoBack!
GoBack retail box

You should install and enable GoBack now, before starting the video card upgrade procedure and before making any changes to your computer.

A point about GoBack. GoBack makes it's disk restoral log when the PC is idle. So after 10 seconds of inactivity, you'll suddenly see the hard drive light spring to life while GoBack catches up with the disk changes. After making any disk change, such as downloading a file or installing a driver, wait and give GoBack a chance to catch up before proceeding.

There are a couple of precautions I like to follow when installing new software. One is that I only install one thing between computer re-boots, and the other is that I do an extra computer boot after each install to make sure I have an easy to find GoBack safe point. So, for example, if I install software that does not require a boot to complete the installation then after the install is complete I re-boot the computer before doing anything else. If the software install required a re-boot in order for the install to complete then I do a second boot after that one has completed. I don't point this out during later steps, but so you know.

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  How To Update Your Own Computer Video Card - Home
  What You Need For A Video Card Upgrade
  The Video Card
  Hard Drive Restore Utility
  Benchmark Utility
  Reference Video Card Drivers
  Motherboard/Chipset AGP Drivers
  Tour The Existing System Settings
  Things To Know Before You Start
  Enable AGP
  Windows 98 Steps To Remove The Old Video Card Driver
  Change Display Adapter
  Search For Updated Drivers
  Standard VGA Driver
  Install Standard VGA Driver
  Windows XP Steps To Remove The Old Video Card Driver
  How To Remove The Video Card Driver
  Installing The New Video Card
  Finding The Old Video Card
  Remove The Old Video Card
  Insert The New Video Card
  Windows 98 Steps To Add The New Video Card Driver
  Windows XP Steps To Add The New Video Card Driver
  After The Video Card Upgrade
  Tour The New System Settings
  Control Panel Display Properties
  Video Card Driver Settings
  Video Card Diagnostics And Tests
  DXDIAG - DirectX Diagnostics And Tests
  Boot Up Tests
  Troubleshooting Video Card Problems
  Advanced Topics
  Tweaking Video Card Driver Settings
  Windows 2000/XP Monitor Refresh Rate Problem

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