Video Card Upgrade
An Install Guide On How To Upgrade Your Own Video Card

Video Card Upgrade Install Guide

Insert The New Video Card

Here's a picture of the new video card before it's installed. It's impossible to install the video card the wrong way around since the notches along the gold connectors key it with the AGP slot. Plus the new video card will face in the same direction as the old video card, and it's clear that the end of the video card with the slot bracket is the end that goes next to the back of the computer. Click on the picture to see it enlarged. The enlarged picture has a blue dot next to the notch that keys the video card for the AGP slot.
ATI All In Wonder 9600 Pro 128MB video card

To insert the new video card into the AGP slot, line up the gold edge connector and notches on the video card with the AGP slot. Keep in mind the slot cover built onto the video card will lay flush against the back of the computer, so it should not be too hard to get the video card properly aligned into the slot. If the AGP slot has a locking clip then ensure the bottom edge of the video card is aligned into it. Grasp the video card firmly by the corner and upper edge and push straight down and fully into the slot. The AGP locking clip, if there is one, should click into place as the card is fully inserted. The AGP locking clip may only move partway into place, in which case you should be able to close it the rest of the way easily with your finger. Use the mounting screw to secure the card in the computer, but don't overtighten the screw as this can twist the card in the AGP slot and cause it to be not completely connected inside the AGP slot.
The new video card being inserted

Here's how the back of the computer looks with the new video card inserted (and with the PCI cards I temporarily removed re-inserted). I've circled the slot cover of the video card in blue. I've circled the connector for the monitor in red.
Rear view of computer case with new video card inserted

For many video cards, the connector from the monitor plugs directly to the video card. But the ATI All In Wonder 9600 Pro 128MB video card comes with different looking audio/video connection on the back of the card so that it can accommodate many types of connections. The connections are supported with the cable bundle as shown in the picture below. The connector circled in red plugs into the video card at the back of the computer. The cable from the monitor, shown circled in green, plugs into the cable bundle into the plug labeled "VGA 1".
Video cabling

Put the computer case back on. Reconnect all the connections, including the power cord. Turn on the monitor and let it warm up for 10 seconds or so. That way you'll be sure and see any messages that are displayed. Turn on the computer. The very first thing the computer displays is the video card BIOS header, but it lasts for just a moment before it's replaced by the motherboard BIOS header.

Alternatively, you can leave the computer case off and reconnect just the mouse, keyboard, monitor and power cord. This alternative allows you to keep back inside the computer quickly in case something goes wrong. But connections should only be made while the computer is powered off.

The problem that might be detected within the first seconds of the computer being turned on is that the computer will report it does not "see" a video card. What you will see and hear if this happens is this. You turn on the computer and you can tell it's getting power because you can hear the fans. But within seconds you hear a one-long-beep-two-short-beeps error code emitted from the computer's internal speaker. After the code is emitted nothing appears to be happening, the monitor is blank or showing text like "No Signal". The monitor LED indicator is either orange or blinking orange. If this happens then the first thing to try is to push the reset button on the computer and see if the computer recognizes the video card on reset. But if the problem persists then repeat the installation of the new video card into the AGP slot being careful to seat the new video card properly in the slot as described in the instructions. If the problem is a loose connection then reseating the video card may clear it up. It's reasonable to try reseating the video card to clear the problem several times.

But if the computer still does not recognize the new video card then your option are:
  1. Try technical support for the maker of the video card.
  2. Try technical support for the maker of the motherboard.
  3. Replace the video card with a different make.
  4. Replace the video card with a different model.

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