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Computer Assembly - How To Assemble A PC Guide

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Computer Assembly - How To Assemble A PC

Post Assembly Needs

There's a few more things you need and should do to complete the assembly process.

Windows Update

There are many updates already available for Windows XP, including Service Pack 1, so you should use the facility built into Windows XP for retrieving and installing them. To retrieve them, bring up your internet connection and then click on Start -> All Programs -> Windows Update. The web-site will take you through the update process. Some updates will require that the computer be restarted before they will take effect. Some updates need to be installed separately from other updates. You should repeatedly invoke the Windows Update until the web-site reports there are no critical updates that you need, so this can take a number of re-visits at first. When there are only non-critical updates left, you can look them over and decide if you want them, too. Eventually Windows XP will ask if you would like to have critical updates automatically made. I'd suggest you do. You can configure the automatic updates such that you will be prompted before anything is downloaded.

After making these kinds of changes, I suggest you rerun the DirectX Diagnostics and the MadOnion 3DMark2001SE benchmarks to ensure that all is well.


If the computer you build is connected to the internet then you should seriously consider firewall protection. Firewall protection ensures there is no unauthorized access to your computer over your internet connection. Believe me, there are plenty of attempts being made! And that's not all. You may be surprised and even shocked to know that the applications you've installed yourself on your computer are themselves sending unauthorized communications out into the network!

The Firewall software I use and recommend is ZoneAlarm. You can download ZoneAlarm free from here. For more information about it, see the My Super PC Firewall page.


Download and install QuickTime. This is used by many software packages to provide animated clips and movie sequences, so it's a good idea to have it. It's free.

CD Burn, CD Burning Software

If your computer includes a CD-RW drive then you'll want to install the CD burning software that came with it so you can burn CDs. If you're using the Lite-On 40x/12x/48x CD-RW then you can use the Nero Software CD Install instructions included in the CDRLabs review of the drive. If you have a different CD-RW then chances are you can still find your CD-RW drive listed on their CD-ROM and CD-RW Reviews page as a CD-RW drive they've reviewed, because they've reviewed just about all of them. Go the review for your drive and it should include a page for installing the software that comes with the drive.

My Super PC Graduate

If you've made it this far, assembling all the way, then chances are you're a My Super PC Graduate. Check it out!

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  Parts List
  Antistatic Wrist Strap
  Computer Case and Power Supply
  Processor, CPU Cooler and Thermal Compound
  RAM - System Memory
  Video Card
  Keyboard and Mouse
  Floppy Drive
  Hard Drive
  Sound Card and Speakers
  Install the Processor onto the Motherboard
  Install the CPU Cooler
  Install the RAM - System Memory
  Install the Motherboard into the Computer Case
  Install the Video Card
  Connect the Power Supply to the Motherboard
  Connect the PN1 and PN2 Indicators
  Ready the Monitor
  Ready the Keyboard and Mouse
  First Boot
  Install the CD-ROM, CD-RW Drive
  Install the Hard Drive and Floppy Drive
  Second Boot
  Configure the BIOS Parameter Settings
  Install the Operating System - Windows XP
  Installing the Rest of the Windows XP Operating System - GoBack
  Install a Zip Utility - Zip Central
  Install the Motherboard Chipset Drivers
  Install the Video Card Drivers
  Install the Monitor Driver
  Install DirectX
  Install the Sound Card and Speakers
  Install the Modem
  Install WCPUID
  SiSoft Sandra Benchmarks
  DirectX Diagnostics
  Stress Testing Graphics and the Futuremark 3DMark2001SE Benchmark
  Torture Test
  Install The Computer Case Fans
  Post Assembly Needs
  BIOS Flash Update

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