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Computer Assembly - How To Assemble A PC Guide

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Computer Assembly - How To Assemble A PC

The Motherboard

The ABIT KR7A retail box includes one IDE cable suitable for up to a Ultra ATA/133 hard drive and the ribbon cable for the floppy drive. The CD includes the motherboard chipset drivers and utilities, such as a Hardware Doctor which shows the temperatures of the processor and system.

How To Assemble A Computer - PC Assembly Guide, ABIT KR7A-133 retail box     How To Assemble A Computer - PC Assembly Guide, ABIT KR7A-133 retail box contents

Here are closeups of the motherboard and cables since we'll be working with them a lot more.
How To Assemble A Computer - PC Assembly Guide, ABIT KR7A-133 motherboard     How To Assemble A Computer - PC Assembly Guide, ABIT KR7A-133 included ribbon cables

The ABIT KR7A-133 motherboard provides an excellent assortment of back panel connectors. From left-to-right: the light-blue circled connector is a PS/2 mouse connector, the purple circled connector is a PS/2 keyboard connector, the two green circled connectors are USB 1.1 connectors, the red circled connector is a parallel port connector (LPT), and the two blue circled connectors are serial port connectors (COM1 and COM2) . It's becoming increasingly common to connect devices via the USB connectors for the ease of use and since the devices can be daisy chained together so you don't run out of USB connectors. But it's not uncommon to use a printer or tape drive backup system on the parallel port, or to use the PS/2 keyboard and mouse connectors for their intended purpose. The back panel connectors protrude from the back of the computer case once the motherboard is installed so that they are accessible without opening the computer case.
How To Assemble A Computer - PC Assembly Guide, ABIT KR7A-133 Motherboard Back Panel Connectors
I'll be installing the CD-ROM on IDE 2. For best performance, the hard drive and CD-ROM should not be installed on the same IDE. The retail box of the motherboard includes one IDE cable, so a second IDE cable must be purchased separately. Here is a high-quality, Belkin, standard length 18-inches IDE cable. The connectors on the cable are color-coded to identify where each one is connected. Blue for the motherboard, black for the master IDE device, and gray for the slave IDE device.
How To Assemble A Computer - PC Assembly Guide, Belkin 18-inch IDE cable for CD-ROM How To Assemble A Computer - PC Assembly Guide, Belkin 18-inch IDE cable for CD-ROM

My complete recommendations for building a computer with quality components at unbeatable prices is on my home page at Build A Computer Like My Super PC - Cost To Build A Computer. Here again are the recommendations for a motherboard!
Description Where I Would Get It Today Today's Price Comments
ASUS Z97-A LGA 1150
$155.99 The Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UDH5 motherboard I'm using has outstanding quality and is a top performer. Unfortunately, it's been discontinued. This ASUS motherboard is very similar and would be my choice today. One difference is that the ASUS does not come with IEEE 1394, but it is cheaper and FireWire can be added for low-cost with a plug-in card.

Bundles, Barebone Kits
Motherboard Bundles
Varies Clicking the link takes you directly to the page for bundles and systems. All of the components in My Super PC were purchased separately so that I got exactly what I wanted. But if you come across a bundle you like then you can be sure that all of the components are compatible. Bundles typically include at least the processor and motherboard, but can include much more.
Combo Deals
Varies Clicking the link takes you directly to the combo deals page. Once there you can search by category, such as "AMD Motherboards" and brand, such as "Gigabyte".

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  Parts List
  Antistatic Wrist Strap
  Computer Case and Power Supply
  Processor, CPU Cooler and Thermal Compound
  RAM - System Memory
  Video Card
  Keyboard and Mouse
  Floppy Drive
  Hard Drive
  Sound Card and Speakers
  Install the Processor onto the Motherboard
  Install the CPU Cooler
  Install the RAM - System Memory
  Install the Motherboard into the Computer Case
  Install the Video Card
  Connect the Power Supply to the Motherboard
  Connect the PN1 and PN2 Indicators
  Ready the Monitor
  Ready the Keyboard and Mouse
  First Boot
  Install the CD-ROM, CD-RW Drive
  Install the Hard Drive and Floppy Drive
  Second Boot
  Configure the BIOS Parameter Settings
  Install the Operating System - Windows XP
  Installing the Rest of the Windows XP Operating System - GoBack
  Install a Zip Utility - Zip Central
  Install the Motherboard Chipset Drivers
  Install the Video Card Drivers
  Install the Monitor Driver
  Install DirectX
  Install the Sound Card and Speakers
  Install the Modem
  Install WCPUID
  SiSoft Sandra Benchmarks
  DirectX Diagnostics
  Stress Testing Graphics and the Futuremark 3DMark2001SE Benchmark
  Torture Test
  Install The Computer Case Fans
  Post Assembly Needs
  BIOS Flash Update

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