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Computer Assembly - How To Assemble A PC Guide

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Computer Assembly - How To Assemble A PC

Install the Motherboard Chipset Drivers

The CD-ROM that comes with the motherboard includes a copy of the motherboard chipset drivers. These should be fine, but they will naturally be somewhat out of date. The ABIT KR7A-133 motherboard in My Super PC uses Via 4in1 drivers from Via. This NVIDIA FAQ regarding system crashes and lock-ups identifies how and where you can find the latest drivers for the chipset on most motherboards. It's very important to install the motherboard chipset drivers since otherwise computer performance is dramatically reduced.

I recommend downloading the latest version of the motherboard chipset drivers. Fortunately they fit on a single floppy disk, so they are easy to download on another computer and bring in on a floppy disk. Installation is very easy. Via provides a short and simple installation guide on the same page from which the Via 4in1 drivers are retrieved. To get both, go to the Via home page and under Products select "Drivers". The latest Via 4in1 drivers at the time I did the install was 4.42v(a)p2, about five versions later than the version provided on the CD-ROM.

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  Parts List
  Antistatic Wrist Strap
  Computer Case and Power Supply
  Processor, CPU Cooler and Thermal Compound
  RAM - System Memory
  Video Card
  Keyboard and Mouse
  Floppy Drive
  Hard Drive
  Sound Card and Speakers
  Install the Processor onto the Motherboard
  Install the CPU Cooler
  Install the RAM - System Memory
  Install the Motherboard into the Computer Case
  Install the Video Card
  Connect the Power Supply to the Motherboard
  Connect the PN1 and PN2 Indicators
  Ready the Monitor
  Ready the Keyboard and Mouse
  First Boot
  Install the CD-ROM, CD-RW Drive
  Install the Hard Drive and Floppy Drive
  Second Boot
  Configure the BIOS Parameter Settings
  Install the Operating System - Windows XP
  Installing the Rest of the Windows XP Operating System - GoBack
  Install a Zip Utility - Zip Central
  Install the Motherboard Chipset Drivers
  Install the Video Card Drivers
  Install the Monitor Driver
  Install DirectX
  Install the Sound Card and Speakers
  Install the Modem
  Install WCPUID
  SiSoft Sandra Benchmarks
  DirectX Diagnostics
  Stress Testing Graphics and the Futuremark 3DMark2001SE Benchmark
  Torture Test
  Install The Computer Case Fans
  Post Assembly Needs
  BIOS Flash Update

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