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The Processor, CPU Cooler and Thermal Compound

The Intel Core i7-860 processor. I purchased the retail box version of the processor, as shown below, which includes a CPU cooler with fan. Alternatively, a processor can be purchased as an OEM product. Typical processor OEM packaging is bubble wrap surrounding the processor enclosed in an antistatic bag with the processor inserted into a small foam square to protect the prongs. It's perfectly fine to purchase the processor either way. If purchased OEM then a CPU cooler also needs to be purchased.

How To Assemble A Computer - PC Assembly Guide, Intel Core i7 860 Processor Retail Box
The contents of the Intel Core i7-860 processor includes a CPU cooler, shown in the upper-left. The processor itself is small and square-shaped, as shown in the lower-left.

How To Assemble A Computer - PC Assembly Guide, Intel Core i7 860 Processor Retail Box Contents
Looking at the underside of the CPU cooler reveals three stripes of thermal compound that have been pre-applied. Thermal compound is a grease that goes between the processor and CPU cooler so that heat is efficiently transferred from the processor to the heat sink of the CPU cooler, where it is dissipated with the aid of the fan on the CPU cooler. The thermal compound should not be removed and should be kept free of dirt and dust as much as possible.

How To Assemble A Computer - PC Assembly Guide, Intel Core i7 860 Processor Retail Box CPU Cooler

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  Parts List
  Computer Case and Power Supply
  Processor, CPU Cooler and Thermal Compound
  RAM - System Memory
  Video Card
  Keyboard and Mouse
  Hard Drive
  Install the Processor onto the Motherboard
  Install the CPU Cooler
  Install the RAM - System Memory
  Install the Motherboard into the Computer Case
  Install the Video Card
  Connect the Power Supply to the Motherboard
  Connect the System Panel Cables
  Ready the Monitor
  Ready the Keyboard and Mouse
  First Boot
  First Boot Common Problems
  Install the SATA Hard Drive
  Install the DVD RW Drive
  Connect the Speakers
  Second Boot
  Configure the BIOS Parameter Settings
  Test The Hard Drive
  Install the Operating System - Windows 7
  Driver Installation
  Speed Test - Windows Experience Index

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