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This page begins my very own How To Assemble A Computer instructions. In great detail with tons of pictures, beginning with the parts list of components you'll need. Everything down to the bolts and cables, including where I got it (or where you should get it). All shipping was done using the cheapest shipping option available from the reseller. Nearly everything arrived in four work days or less. Everything arrived in perfect condition and was exactly what I ordered.

Regardless of the hardware you choose, you will find these assembly instructions quite helpful for any Athlon/Pentium configuration, including the configuration of My Super PC today.

Technology changes quickly, so you should look over my current recommendations on my home page. I also provide direct links to component recommendations next to some components in the parts list with a What I Suggest Today link.

Parts List

Item: Bought FromComments
Computer case: Amazon

Antec Sonata 3 with 500-Watt power supply
The computer case comes with a generous supply of mounting posts and screws used to mount the motherboard inside the case, mounting screws for hard drives, and extra bracket screws for securing add-on cards to the case. Not all computer cases come with power supplies, but some do. If it does, make sure it meets or exceeds the recommended wattage of the video card. Many cases include one or more case fans.
  • What I Suggest Today
  • Motherboard: Newegg

    Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P
    The Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P includes the SATA cables needed for the hard drive and optical drive.
  • What I Suggest Today
  • MySuperPC Motherboard Page
  • Processor: Newegg

    Intel Core i7-860 2.8GHz with Fan
    Retail version. The retail box version includes a CPU Cooler.
  • What I Suggest Today
  • MySuperPC Processor Page
  • RAM: Crucial Memory

    Crucial Ballistix 2GB PC3-12800 DDR3
    I purchased four modules for a total of 8 GB.
    Video card: Amazon

    EVGA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 896MB DDR3
    This video card is great for computers that need to handle demanding, graphic intensive applications, like top-tier games.
  • What I Suggest Today
  • MySuperPC Video Card Page
  • Speakers: Amazon

    Logitech S2220 2.1 Speaker System
    A sub-woofer with two satellite speakers. Fantastic!
    Hard drive: Newegg

    Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200rpm SATA 300 MB/s
    This is the OEM version. The mounting screws come with the Antec Sonata 3 computer case.
  • What I Suggest Today
  • MySuperPC Hard Drive Page
  • DVD RW: Newegg

    Sony Dual Format
    I prefer a dual format drive, meaning one that supports both the plus (+) and dash (-) formats, for maximum compatibility.
  • What I Suggest Today
  • MySuperPC DVD RW Drive Page
  • Keyboard/Mouse: Amazon

    Logitech Cordless LX 310 Laser
    Cordless is great! The mouse comes with a "wheel" control built-in between the buttons, which is really handy. Batteries included.
  • What I Suggest Today
  • Monitor: Amazon

    DELL Ultrasharp 2001FP 20.1-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor
    Flat panel monitors are the rule, rather than the exception.
    Operating System: Amazon

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
    This is the version for home use.
    Antistatic wrist strap: Amazon Possibly you have one of these already. You really, really need it.

    Common Assembly Problems

    The most common problem with assembling a computer successfully is caused by not using quality components. All of the components I recommend have quality you can count on and without spending too much. It's a terrible mistake to purchase components that will be problematical, but it's also a waste of money to buy the ultimate quality component. The components I recommend hit the "sweet spot".

    The most common and worst mistake that's made in terms of component selection is to choose generic RAM. While generic aspirin may arguably be just as good as brand name aspirin, the same cannot at all be said for RAM. Pay a few bucks more for Crucial memory now and save yourself crashes and lock-ups later.

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    How To Build A Computer. Step By Step Instructions To Assemble. Skip To Any Assembly Step.

      Parts List
      Computer Case and Power Supply
      Processor, CPU Cooler and Thermal Compound
      RAM - System Memory
      Video Card
      Keyboard and Mouse
      Hard Drive
      DVD RW
      Install the Processor onto the Motherboard
      Install the CPU Cooler
      Install the RAM - System Memory
      Install the Motherboard into the Computer Case
      Install the Video Card
      Connect the Power Supply to the Motherboard
      Connect the System Panel Cables
      Ready the Monitor
      Ready the Keyboard and Mouse
      First Boot
      First Boot Common Problems
      Install the SATA Hard Drive
      Install the DVD RW Drive
      Connect the Speakers
      Second Boot
      Configure the BIOS Parameter Settings
      Test The Hard Drive
      Install the Operating System - Windows 7
      Driver Installation
      Speed Test - Windows Experience Index

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