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Computer Assembly - How To Assemble A PC


Besides the parts list items, you'll need a few tools, most or all of which you probably already have.
  1. A Phillips screwdriver.
  2. A flathead screwdriver.
  3. Needle nose pliers might come in handy if you happen to drop something in a hard to reach place.
  4. A 5mm socket wrench, which is the size needed for the motherboard mounting posts that came with the Antec Sonata II computer case.
  5. A flashlight can sometimes come in handy when you're trying to make out something on an item that you've already installed, but I doubt you'll really need it.
  6. Alcohol 91% pure or Acetone, if you'll be removing the pre-applied thermal compound from the CPU cooler to use the Arctic Silver 5 instead. If so then you'll also need a clean, expired credit card (for scraping), a brand new toothbrush (for scrubbing) and lint free cloths (for wiping and rubbing) to remove the pre-applied thermal compound.

Antistatic Wrist Strap

An antistatic wrist strap should be worn any time work is being done inside the computer. The alligator clip should be attached to a non-painted metal surface on the computer case. The antistatic wrist strap prevents static electricity from building up. Static electricity can electronically destroy many of the delicate components inside the computer. As an extra precaution, it's a good idea not to shuffle around while working inside the computer case. If you need to change position then let go of any electronic component, change your position, get comfortable again, then touch the non-painted metal surface of the computer case with your hand before touching anything else. Touching the non-painted metal surface of the computer case with your hand is another way to harmlessly release any static buildup. But this is an extra precautionary step - you should still always wear the antistatic wrist strap while working inside the case for any reason. Good antistatic wrist straps are not expensive, such as this Belkin antistatic wrist strap from Amazon.
Antistatic wrist strap.
Ok. Let's take a closer look at each component in their order of appearance. A general note: there are tons of pictures on the following pages. The small picture is displayed on the page by default since this is sufficient most of the time, especially after the first viewing, and it speeds up downloading considerably. Click on any picture to see it enlarged.

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How To Build A Computer. Step By Step Instructions To Assemble. Skip To Any Assembly Step.

  Parts List
  Computer Case and Power Supply
  Processor, CPU Cooler and Thermal Compound
  RAM - System Memory
  Video Card
  Keyboard and Mouse
  Hard Drive
  Install the Processor onto the Motherboard
  Install the CPU Cooler
  Install the RAM - System Memory
  Install the Motherboard into the Computer Case
  Install the Video Card
  Connect the Power Supply to the Motherboard
  Connect the System Panel Cables
  Ready the Monitor
  Ready the Keyboard and Mouse
  First Boot
  First Boot Common Problems
  Install the SATA Hard Drive
  Install the DVD RW Drive
  Connect the Speakers
  Second Boot
  Configure the BIOS Parameter Settings
  Test The Hard Drive
  Install the Operating System - Windows 7
  Driver Installation
  Speed Test - Windows Experience Index

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